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Postpartum Care

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What We Offer

You're home after giving birth. Now what? Many moms, new and seasoned, find themselves overwhelmed trying to tackle all of the day to day tasks before they've even had the baby. Now add on top of that, your new baby needs around the clock care and this leaves you no energy left to take care of yourself. Our expertise and experience brings comfort and helps you gain confidence during this time of transition for you and your family. Your baby won't be little for long. Let us take care of things so you can focus on spending this precious time with them while you can. An opportunity for you to allow yourself to be a better you. That's what we offer.

What You Get

  • Thousands of hours of experience from supporting families of both singletons and multiples
  • Provide support while your still in the hospital
  • Meet you in your home after discharge to help you and your family get settled
  • Meal prep
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Errands
  • Accompany you on errands and appointments
  • Support of your parenting style, judgement free
  • Sibling care
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Bottle feeding tips
  • Newborn care techniques
  • Tips to help both you and baby sleep better
  • Experience in baby's with special needs
  • Experience with postpartum emotional issues and referrals
  • Opportunity for you to sleep, leave the rest to us!
  • Need adult conversation? We're here for you. And we'll hold the baby so you have two free hands!

Shifts range from 5-24 hours.

Temporary live in care available.

Have special circumstances? We can tailor care to meet your specific needs.

Starting price: $25 an hour


Can't my friend or my sister help me during this time?

Yes and no. People come over with the best of intentions of helping you but usually end up snuggling the baby leaving you with the same list of things still needing to be done. Our experienced doulas understand the physical and emotional needs of a new mother and support you based on those needs. Also, things change over time. Things that worked years ago may not necessarily be safe today. Or as effective.

I exclusively breastfeed. How would I benefit from a postpartum doula?

That's easy. Each time you breastfeed,with it comes comes burping the baby, changing their diaper, soothing them and getting them back to sleep. Those things can take up to an hour. Each time. If we work a 5 hour day shift, that's 2 hours that you can enjoy a quiet bath and take a much needed nap! If we work a 10 hour overnight shift, that can be an additional 5 hours of sleep you'll get that night!